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Neemrana – A New Metropolitan City in Making

For many years Neermana was known as a small historical town in Rajasthan. Both local as well as international tourists visited this place for its fort and enjoy its serene ambience. However, the scenario has changed today, as this sleepy ancient town is turning into one of the fastest growing industrial hubs in the country.

Neemrana located on the NH8 which is near to the other sub-industrial hubs like Bhiwadi, Bawal, khushkhera and Tapukara.  This town is also just 122 km away from Delhi and also is a part of the NCR region. Moreover it is also in very close proximity to the Delhi International Airport and a stone’s throw from the DMIC zone. For being very strategically located this region has attracted industrial investments from many renowned Japanese firms. Thus creating a bright future for people planning Neemrana investment.

The Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) developed industrial zones Neemrana region in various phases. Export Promotion Industrial Park and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) have also led to the development of the Japanese zone in Neemrana that is spread over 1200 acres. Popular Japanese companies like Nissin, Daikin, Mitsui, NIPPON, and DAINI have set up their firms in this region.  Apart from the Japanese firms many renowned companies from India and abroad are setting up their units in this growing industrial hub.

As Neemrana is growing into an industrial region it has also opened employment opportunities for the people. Many people are migrating to the region due to this reason and this has increased the demand for homes. Taking advantage of this situation many developers have acquired land parcels in the region. Big developer firms have also launched residential projects in the region. Even many integrated townships and affordable housing projects are coming up in this region. It is predicted that people will get good returns on the real estate investment in the coming years.

The government of Rajasthan has planned to develop a 40,000 acre ‘Global City’ in the Neemrana-Behror region which will be able to house nearly one million people. The Global City would include Cyber City, Medi-City, Knowledge City, Entertainment City, Education Hub, SEZs World Trade City and Bio Diversity Park. Realising that this region would grow immensely in the coming years industrial companies from Korea and Taiwan have planned to set up their firms here. Even many educational institutions have come up in the area. There also plans to build a cargo airport between Ajarka and Kotkasim to facilitate cargo transportation for the industries of the area.

With so much happening in the region developers in Neemrana-Behror are coming up with projects on the lines of ‘affordable luxury. Not only are the workers of the industrial firms but other people are showing keen interest in these projects to get better returns in the future.

With the industrial growth and the global city coming up this once sleepy town would never be the same. Developers say that this region would be known as the new sub-metropolitan city soon.

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