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Understanding Psychological Marketing Tactics

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who developed a hierarchical pyramid to explain and classify universal human needs. If you are a business owner, take a look at Maslow's pyramid and try to figure out what people really need out of life. How can you use this to your advantage in marketing your product? Find out what category of the hierarchy your product falls into, and advertising to your target market will be much more effective if you appeal to that need.

The most basic of human requirements are psychological; the fundamentals crucial to human existence. These include nourishment, water, shelter and air to breathe, and other necessary activities, like sleep.

If your offering is necessary to humanity, then you have to find a way to get people to purchase your item and not that of someone else. What would make people more inclined to purchase a food item from you instead of someone else? Your item must be differentiated, by being better tasting, a better value, in a better atmosphere... something. Your offering must be something special in order for a person to pick your item.

The next stage of human need deals with safety and security. Turn the TV on for five minutes, and see how many ads about insurance, retirement plans, or home alarm systems play during the commercial break. How would the use of your product enhance feelings of safety and stability in your customers' lives? Stress these factors as your main selling points and get at the root emotions of your prospects.

The next level is the need for belongingness and affection. Everyone wants to feel connected to family, friends, or someone special. Certain services appeal to this niche. Let your customers know how much they can connect with others, and use testimonials- this is an effective method of appealing to new customers.

Esteem is the next section or Maslow's theory on human need. One major esteem area deals with status and attention as well as recognition from others. The other major area deals with esteem of the self and includes areas of confidence, achievement, self-respect, competence, and independence.

I am reminded of a shampoo commercial in which the lead actress walks through an office building with the admiring eyes of many workers following her around. At the end, she walks into a board meeting and states that she doesn't even work for the company, and all the attention must be the result of her shampoo.

The ultimate level of the Maslow Hierarchy is that of self-actualization. This is the "be all that you can be" attitude that encourages individuals to strive and make an effort to be responsible and participatory citizens in the world today.

Appealing to your customers' desires in a responsible manner is a great way to pique their interest in what you have to offer. Potential customers can be persuaded to try your product or service once you become aware of how to leverage psychological motivators to woo your prospects.
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