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The Marketing Power of Mat Features

The Marketing Power of Mat Features

(P-O-P-S) While most small business marketers are aware that press releases are the standard bill of fare for passing along information to the media, they are unaware of other ways that larger organizations using public relations firms make their information more usable.

One idea that small businesses can afford is to hire a mat feature service to convert your information into a newsworthy soft feature on a topic that the public is interested in reading about. Large corporations have been using this type of service for years and pay PR firms big bucks to include these columns in their corporate PR programs. Intended to reach consumers in the wealthy suburbs, these features are distributed to the more than 10,000 newspapers nationwide and receive regular pickup. Further, these columns are often printed exactly as written.

While these feature services used to handle only corporations, now there is a firm that caters to the small business company to make this service accessible to those on limited budgets. Points of Persuasion Syndicate (P-O-P-S) is headed up by a PR expert with more than 15 years of experience with some of the largest PR firms in the world as well as famed corporate companies like Avon Products. By incorporating mentions of your product or service into a captioned graphic and a brief feature that newspapers find informational rather than promotional, you have two opportunities to put your product or service center stage – and the features are preformatted so clients approve what they say. Further, they are priced at half of what the other mat feature services charge.

These columns can be linked to your own web site, can be included in brochures, are picked up by web site article directories and can achieve endless publicity mileage when used correctly. For a small investment, you get large public relations exposure.

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