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Making Money With Google Arbitrage

Google arbitrage is relatively simple to use. Arbitrage is a massive business and marketing tactic that is being used widely on Google. Google Arbitrage is a system which can be used off a loophole that Google has between the cost of AdWords ads and the profit that can be obtained via the Google AdSense programs.

For those of you who don't know what Google arbitrage is that it is similar to the stock market arbitrage whereupon you would purchase ads to bring in visitors to your site but you would end up making more money, or hopefully you would, when the visitors would click on your ads in a pay per click scenario.

The traditional way to do Google Arbitrage is to set up a website for a particular niche. The purpose of Google Arbitrage is to buy clicks cheaply in the AdWords system, then get those visitors to click ads on your website which pay more money than you're paying for the clicks.

There has been much controversy about Google possibly banning arbitrage. This massive company is not against arbitrage; they just want to make sure it is being used in a proper and legal manner. Much of the traffic that flows through Google is because of arbitrage, and Google would like to regulate this business ploy, not eliminate it. Google recognizes this, and is not going to ban all accounts that use arbitrage as rumor has it. Google has no problem with this as long as you abide by the Terms of Service (TOS) of both Adwords and Adsense.

The user experience is the prime concern of Google, and they wish to regulate AdSense arbitrage, so it is a positive experience for all involved. The arbitrage experience should be a positive one, for both the advertisers as well as the consumers. Once Google has been able to limit the negative use of arbitrage, there will be a screening process, which maintains sites and makes sure that any traffic that is directed as a result of arbitrage is being directed to a site with useful content.

Google has always pushed Adsense users to use all of Google's tools including Adwords. Much of the traffic that flows through Google is because of arbitrage, and Google would like to regulate this business ploy, not eliminate it.

Google arbitrage is and will remain one of the greatest marketing tools on the Internet. Google arbitrage is still alive and working. If Google is able to weed out these bad links, arbitrage will still be widely used and will remain a profit-earning tool to be used by advertisers and publishers of quality content.

After all is said and done, and AdSense arbitrage leads to positive and useful sites, arbitrage will once again regain its popularity and good standing. It's one of those things where you just have to learn how AdSense and AdWords (or Google CPA) work and then read articles like this one. And also below checkout the PDF book about Michael Plante who made $4,515 In Adsense Commission In Just Over 1 Month -With Absolutely No Success In The Past! This will definitly help to explain the Arbitrage part so you can put it into play.

Article Written J. Foley
Source: Free Articles

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